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We are pleased to honor those homeowners who invest their time and financial resources in keeping their home attractive. Nelsonville is a beautiful city with many wonderful homes, from bungalows to Victorian mansions. As a City we believe, it is our “privilege to honor these homes.”

The City of Nelsonville is expanding the Home of the Month program to recognize well-maintained residential homes in all the City. Each month, from April through November one home will be selected as the “Home of the Month” by the members of the Planning Commission. A yard sign will be placed in the yard for the month and a framed certificate will be presented to the homeowner. We are partnering with local publications, media outlets and social media groups who will showcase each month’s award-winning home.  The winning home will be featured on the City of Nelsonville Web page. If you are a media outlet or social group that would like to help us celebrate the Home of the Month, please contact us at:  

​ Awards will be based on the home meeting these qualifications: the owner will demonstrate an exceptional job maintaining the home, including overall tidiness, pleasing landscaping, demonstrating sound structural condition and appearance. City records will be reviewed to ensure the property is current on tax payments. 

Simply complete the nomination form which asks for the owner’s name, the address, and a brief explanation of why this house should be considered.  A photo of the front exterior of the house is also required.  

Submit the nomination form and house photo to the Code Enforcement office by email  

Nominations will be valid for this calendar year. Nominations submitted by the 25th of each month through October will be considered. Realtors and their immediate family are not eligible.  Forms are available at the City Manager’s office or click here to access an online form or click here to download a printable PDF form.